Getting it right: a reply to Valerie Stroud

30 01 2010

Valerie Stroud, the UK co-ordinator of the fringe We are Church group gave the final blessing at Tuesday’s Stand up for Vatican II meeting.

She’s been buzzing ever since. In an excitable press release she described the order of the day as “standing room only”, going on to say, “those present represented a cross-section of the Church in these islands: clergy, religious and laity.”

There’s one problem with that. If Valerie thinks a room full of ageing, middle-class, totally white people represents a cross-section of the Church in these islands, she’s badly out of touch.

The Catholic Church, as its name suggests, is a multiethnic one. Particularly in the cities, Catholic churches jostle with people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and classes. There wasn’t a single African Caribbean or Asian person at the Stand up for Vatican II meeting.

That’s not a cross-section of the Church. That’s the Monday Club at prayer.




2 responses

2 02 2010

What was this woman doing “giving a final blessing”? Is she so disoriented that she thinks she’s a priestess?

I thought things where bad in the dear old C of E (of which I’m a member, but probably not for much longer), but it seems the disease is spreading …

2 02 2010
Gregory Murphy

So firmly stood up is Our Val for Vatican II that she even feels the need to remind us of the bookend dates of said Council.

And gets em wrong!


1962-1966 indeed.


1966 was the World Cup, Val. We won, too.

*starts clock on timing how long it will take Val to get her HTML eraser (rubber, natch) out in the hope that no-one will ever notice*

**reconsiders that Val might, actually, have been sharper than first given credit for; for she pointedly referred to “…the failure to move forward in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council (1962 – 1966)”**

Ah, so there you have it. Clarification at last. The Second Vatican Council only lasted until 1965 but it’s inner spirit (Bobby Moore, nailed!) lasted til 1966.

“They think it’s all over…”

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