Valerie Stroud, abortion, population-control and anti-Catholicism

1 02 2010

When it came to the crunch, Valerie Stroud backed UNFPA - not women

She’s for it. Only legally, you understand. Or at least that’s what she says. It’s all so handwringingly terrible especially if, “boys and girls are brought up with the idea that the phallus is supreme they will automatically perceive that the female is always in a position of subservience to the male”.1 That’s a straightforward regurgitation of rad-fem ideas which were standard fare in the 1970s but with Valerie it’s always so incoherent. She doesn’t know, or can’t spell out, the causal link between a) phallocentrism and b) abortion rates.

Neither would she be able to explain how she’s only very reluctantly for legal abortion but also thinks that the 2002 UK judicial review ruling on the over-the-counter availability of the morning-after-pill – what she not insignificantly referred to as Emergency Contraception – was “a victory for common sense”. 2

Population Control Extremism

That’s the least of it. Valerie Stroud has lent her name to extremist population-control causes.

In April 2002 she was one of the “religious leaders” – look, it wasn’t me who called her that – who signed a letter calling for the United States government to fund and support UNFPA.3 The “religious leaders” as they called themselves described themselves as being for “voluntary family planning”. Pay attention to that phrase “voluntary family planning” because it’s important.

UNFPA is the leading cheerleader for the Chinese government’s one-child policy.4 According to C-Fam it “provided active assistance” to the Vietnamese government’s two-child policy5 and in the 1990s it also played a key role in the then Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori’s forced sterilisation drive against native Peruvian women.6 The number of women pressurised into being sterilised in Fujimori’s Peru was said by the Peruvian Congressional Commission’s Anticonception Quirurgica Voluntaria (AQV) report to be in the hundreds of thousands. The report stated that when it came to the Fujimori forced-sterilisation programme, “The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), known for its support of population control in developing countries, took charge. For that end, the United Nations Population Fund act[ed] as Technical Secretary.” 7

The letter Valerie appended her name to was the kind of vainglorious initiative – religious leaders, indeed – that Valerie clearly loves. But it would been a sick joke to the countless numbers of women, millions of Chinese women, millions of Vietnamese women and hundreds of thousands of native Peruvian women who’ve lived under the cosh of oppressive regimes which haven’t just invaded their bedrooms but their fallopian tubes and wombs. UNFPA has played its part in that and when the chance came for Valerie to demonstrate her solitarity with women, she didn’t. She backed UNFPA instead.

A lot of this has to do with the close working relationship Valerie enjoys with one, Elfriede Harth, who used to be IMWAC’s press-officer at large. More recently, Elfriede has been the European representative of a notoriously anti-Catholic pro abortion group which calls itself Catholics for Choice (CFC), formerly Catholics for a Free Choice. CFC must have rubbed out the “free” bit on account of the fact that its head honchos make such a load of lolly: in 2007 Jon O’Brien, president of CFC was paid $176,667, while its former president, Frances Kissling was paid $483,960 8 . Not bad, eh?

Valerie’s reliance on Elfriede is demonstrated by a message she posted on the IMWAC list on 12th July 2003 in which she posted a report from Zenit on the US Congress being urged to maintain the ban on groups involved in forced abortions. Plainly startled by what she’d read, Valerie said, “FYI – This sounds like gross calumny to me. Have any of you the evidence for ‘UNFPA’s participation in the Chinese program’? – love – Valerie.” 9

Naturally Elfriede rode to the rescue of UNFPA saying, “First: zenith is a very conservative news agency. You have to keep it in mind when reading the news. They defend a specific point of view.” As though that explains away UNFPA’s involvement in coercive population-control programmes. Elfriede then went on to attempt a defence of UNFPA’s involvement in the Chinese one-child programme. I say attempted because a cut ‘n’ paste job just won’t cut it and secondly she didn’t once address it’s involvement in the Vietnamese government’s population-control policy neither did she address its involvement in Fujimori’s forced-sterlisation drive. It seems that none of that is as important as defending UNFPA.

The salient points are these: Valerie didn’t do her own research into UNFPA but rather accepted uncritically her confederate, Elfriede Harth’s defence of the organisation, secondly, that she enjoys close working relationships with a well-known anti-Catholic group and thirdly, that when it came to the crunch she was mug enough to affix her name to a document defending a population-control organisation she plainly knew damn all about.

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2 02 2010

The Church is not ours it is God’s. It is his mystical body. We cannot reclaim what belongs already to Him who made us. We need to follow Christ and not tell him where he should lead us. Obedience, docility and submission will solve many of the problems in God’s Church Militant. The Church Suffering and Triumphant know this to be true. A practising Roman Catholic age 46.

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