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2 02 2010
[IMWAC-english] Uncivilised behaviour‏
From: Offline on behalf of We Are Church (UK) (
Sent: 02 February 2010 22:00:52

Hi Friends,

Unfortunately, on either the international or UK discussion group we have
attracted a person who does not appreciate the basic etiquette of group
discussion. They have used information gained through these lists to
publish on their blog offensive rubbish about Elfriede Harth and myself. I
give the link further down so you may ‘enjoy’ their contribution.

Elfriede and I have been the subjects of these attacks before so it will not
deflect us.

I must compliment their stamina in trawling through the many, many posts on
these lists and examining each one to find extracts they can use out of

He or she refers to discussions that were live in 2002 and 2003. This is a
long time ago and refers to events that were current at that time. I would
add that, while I greatly admire Elfriede and her vastly superior experience
in the affairs of the world, most of you will know that I am very capable of
making up my own mind.

I have great respect for the United Nations and its many agencies. If it
decides an action is needed, to be delayed or not needed, it is likely to be
for the benefit of the world community in the long run.

That a state imposes a one or two child policy on families is as repugnant
to me as it is to most people. However I can appreciate the argument that
things will not be made better by ostracising that state and driving it into
isolation. Arguably it will make things even worse for families who are
under unimaginable stress already. The only way is for that state to see
and realise from the rest of the world that there is a better way of
improving its economic situation.

Do have a look at

Best wishes




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