It didn’t work in the 80s and it won’t work now

2 02 2010

I have great respect for the South African government and its many ministries. If it decides an action is needed, to be delayed or not needed, it is likely to be for the benefit of the White community in the long run.

That a state imposes an apartheid policy on Black people is as repugnant to me as it is to most people. However I can appreciate the argument that things will not be made better by ostracising that state and driving it into isolation. Arguably it will make things even worse for Black people who are under unimaginable stress already. The only way is for that state to see and realise from the rest of the world that there is a better way of improving its economic situation.

Peace and love to all!

Valerie Nutcase.

BA DipRS (Mrs). Ye old Wingbat,  XX Hypocrisy Road. Middle Class. KKKent 666 666.




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2 02 2010
Ted Millichap

Strange how an honest and hardworking woman gets a namecheck on a scurrilous website, whereas the lowlife who tries to attack honestly held beliefs doesn’t have the guts to give their name. I suppose if your scared that you might have to think for yourself, you wouldn’t want to give your name, people have a way of remembering.


3 02 2010

Hi Ted,

Despite your carping you’ve clearly been enjoying the blog – you did spend a whole five minutes and thirty seconds perusing its content, afterall.

This blog is emphatically NOT scurrilous, unless, that is, you consider quoting people and holding their comments and actions up to the daylight. Most fairminded people wouldn’t, however.

The deal here is that you and your mate, Valerie, can hold whatever beliefs you fancy. Fine by me, brother. But what isn’t cool with me or this blog is anyone defending an organisation which has been complicit in the most massive human rights violations, some of which are going on right now as I write.

I defend the rights of women – and men – to have as many children as they like without the state or any other external agencies persecuting them for doing so. You call that lowlife, fine by me.

See, Ted, the thing is that you don’t, actually scare me. You don’t. I’ve seen all that hot air and faux piety before and baby, I can handle it.

Tell you what else: this blog believes passionately in free speech. You can say whatever you like to me, call me all the names you like and – get this – I will allow it up.

And that’s more than Valerie would do.



3 02 2010

Oh and “Ted”, is that your real name, out of interest?

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