What that “honest and hardworking” woman wrote the other day

3 02 2010
[IMWAC-english] Stand Up for Vatican II has got the fundamentalists buzzing.‏
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Hi Everyone,

The Daily Telegraph, a respected newspaper in my youth, employs Damien Thompson to write a fundamentalist blog on its website. There is also a woman “in private vows” called Name of Blogger who writes a blog called XXXXXXXXXXX. They are so outraged by Catholics for a Changing Church’s spearheading of the Stand Up for Vatican II campaign that they have found the time to create a rather nasty website of their own.

Do visit http://gcc4vat2.co.uk/ and laugh. Don’t get angry. It ishighly offensive but mature adults are used to turning a blind eye to the juvenile antics of the young. I rather go along with the PR adage: “No publicity is bad publicity” You would have to be pretty stupid to give this spoof website any credibility.

The real CCC site will be found at http://www.ccc4vat2.co.uk/

You know what, Valerie, you should make sure you’ve got some pretty damn good evidence for the claim you made about that second blogger.

And if I find out you’ve started a flame-war against them, well I shall be very disappointed in you indeed.

Say hello to Bernie Wynne for me, by the way.


Garnet Silk.




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