Does IMWAC have something to hide?

7 02 2010

Deleted forever? Or maybe not

The IMWAC yahoo group’s archives and member information have disappeared, causing consternation to one of its members and most prolific posters, George Bouchey.

[IMWAC-english] Can’t read archives‏
From: Offline on behalf of george (
Sent: 06 February 2010 23:17:09

Now in addition to having lost the ability to Forward when reading at, I also cannot read the Archives. What goes?
pax – george

I can tell him what goes and the most likely reason it has disappeared: this blog.

This blog has reproduced posts from the IMWAC list, which is after all a public forum, in the interests of transparency and accuracy. And plainly the IMWACers don’t like it.

I can’t really work out why they don’t like it – if you’re not confident of what you’ve been saying on a public forum, why say it at all? If you don’t have any faith in your arguments, why articulate them publically? Or more to the point, what does IMWAC have to hide?

As I’ve indicated before, this sort of behaviour is foolhardy. For one thing, I’m the kind of person who never throws things away. IMWAC posts get sent straight into an email inbox and there they stay, my own personal archive of IMWAC posts in all their glory. Secondly – and how many times do I have to say this? – you can’t censor the internet and it’s pointless trying to do so.

The other thing thing this rather desperate attempt to halt the flow of information points up is what a tiny fringe clique IMWAC is. IMWAC flatters itself that it is an international movement, hence the “I” and “M” of its acronym but if it really were such a thing its members’ positions and ideas would be common currency. They aren’t and it isn’t.

The truth about IMWAC is that is a miniscule unrepresentative group of libertines and eccentrics whose ideas are based on junk history that spend their time impotently railing against the Church they claim to be loyal members of. That IMWACers feel the need to delete their own yahoo group archives goes to show just how secretive and creepy an organisation it really is.




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27 03 2010

There’s something amiss about your poll regarding Vatican II. Is reads ‘Has the Church Abandoned Vatican II’ and has two selections, Yes and No. What happened to I Wish!

1 04 2010

nice article….

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