7 02 2010

Valerie’s put in a lot of hard work over the years slagging off the Church and its pastors, organising the disgruntled and holding bring and buy sales for the cause. And now it’s paid off with one of her letters being published in Wednesday’s London Evening Standard (page 43). Result or what?

Pope Benedict is no stranger to political gaffes

Really? News to me. Maybe Valerie means “gaffes” where other people would use “newsworthy” or “made headlines”

and the reporting of his latest comments on equality legislation will remind many Catholics

Valerie the seer – how does she know what many Catholics will be reminded of?

of the centuries when we were regarded in this country with suspicion as outsiders

Wahey! This is one of Mad Val’s trademark leaps of logicShe jumps from a) Pope said something to y) Catholics don’t want to go back to the bad old days without going through the intervening stages of her argument. 

Ordinary Catholics have no wish to return to those times and much prefer being able to play a full part in British society.

Bad old days. I’m ahead of her here as she starts battering her argument into submission.

We much appreciate the endeavours of our UK Church leadership in this regard since the Second Vatican Council.

Brown nosing … and then the implied criticism.

Discrimination on the grounds of gender, class or sexual orientation has no place in a modern society or the religions associated with it.

Subtle. Not.

What Valerie did was set up a classic straw man argument. No one disagrees with the sentiments she expressed in that sentence, certainly not the Church. Despite Valerie’s nasty implication, the Church does not defend discrimination on the grounds of gender, class, sexual orientation or ethnic origin (something Valerie strangely missed out) but she does insist on her right to ordain those who fit its theology, that is celibate men as well as employ people in sympathy with its aims and objectives, much like a political party or tiny pressure group like IMWAC, come to think of it. Speaking of which, why don’t I wack my impressive CV over to Valerie and make a speculative application for the position of campaign strategist in chief?

We Are Church holds no brief at all for immorality, abuse or other offences against the dignity of the person.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hic, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  … She cannot be serious.

We believe that provided any criteria of membership are met, a job should be given to the best possible candidate.

Notice that “any criteria of membership”.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hic.

Sorry. Who is she trying to fool?

We should also question whether UK taxpayers, fewer than a million of whom actually attend Roman Catholic services, should be asked to fund this year’s papal visit over and above the usual costs of a state visit.

Don’t you just love that “over and above the usual costs of a state visit”? There are no costs associated with the Pope’s visit over and above the usual costs of a state visit. Wot. A. Dunce.

If we Catholics wish the Bishop of Rome to join with our bishops in a pastroal visitation, we should be prepared to pay for it.

We Catholics? I mean WE Catholics?

Who on earth does Valerie think she’s fooling?

Valerie Stroud is not a Catholic of any stripe whatsoever. In fact, I see no evidence that she’s any kind of Christian at all. I think she’s a middle-class libertine wannabe wrecker who has tried using some hopelessly crude entry tactics to get her own way and when they predictably didn’t work – c’mon, it’s the Church we’re talking about here – she went into a prolonged temper tantrum. Some of us think that the sooner she emerges from that infantile disorder the better it will be for her and everybody else.

Valerie wrote one of her bonkers letters to the Evening Standard




2 responses

13 02 2010

A pathetic response, lacking in any depth , quite negative, not Catholic in any way, serving no useful purpose, Anne McElvoy’s article is of of far more interest and worthy of consideration, prayer and contemplation.

14 02 2010

Yeah yeah yeah, if you think anything flatulent bourgeois McElvoy writes is worthy of consideration or – God help us – prayer and contemplation, then you really should get out more.

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