We are a group of bloggers who are determined to reclaim Vatican II and its authentic teaching. This teaching is found in the texts of the Constitutions, Decrees and Declarations of the Council, not in some vague and self-serving “spirit of Vatican II”. We stand for fidelity to the Holy See, the genuine reform of the Church in faithfulness to the message of Jesus Christ as expressed and expounded in 2000 years of Catholic tradition. We affirm our support for Pope Benedict’s hermeneutic of reform and continuity in the one subject Church. We are pro-life with no exceptions and no excuses: womb to tomb, everyone is created equal and in the image of God; everyone has the right to life.

In particular, we note that Vatican II did not promote any of the following:

  • The desacralisation of the Liturgy, the abolition of Latin, communion in the hand, extraordinary ministers, clown Masses or rainbow stoles
  • The use of contraception, the justification of abortion in difficult cases, euthanasia, IVF, divorce and remarriage, or homosexual partnerships
  • The ordination of women, the abolition of priestly celibacy, the clericalisation of the laity, or the laicisation of the clergy

Oh – and we might have a li’l  fun here and there.


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